At Central PArk Reservoir NYC, after a walk.

At Central PArk Reservoir NYC, after a walk.

PA* primary dance: Walk.

The Joy Walk Club is an open community of walkers. Walking is part of the physical training of Ay Ombe Theatre. The Joy Club pays tribute to Hector Baez's ( 1955-2014. Dominican athlete)   community program to encourage a more agile life. Performance Autology 's main dance, walking, is a great meditative blessing source of much of our writing, photography, dance, theatre, videos, silences, journeys. We walk locally, regionally, nationally, internationally. We join traditional, ancient trails as we create our own routes. We walk. Joy is the philosophy underneath every step.                  

In NYC, The Joy Walk Club walks in Central Park; we organize the Walk the Island and the 5K Joy Walk.                              

More Joy Walk Clubs where members and friends of Ay Ombe Theatre community live, coming soon near you.

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...Me as part of the mist...
— Comrade, Bliss ain't playing